Sunday, October 26, 2008

about myself

I play soccer. I am a very active person. My favorite foods are italian, mexican, and chinese.

The books that are my favorite to read are, fablehaven, the twilight series, and books that

have places in them. My favorite colors are pink, orange, and yellow. My favorite movies are the sister hood of the traveling pants and wallE. my favorite types of music is hip hop and the

80's. I am in band, love to ride dirt bikes and 4 wheelers.


Spencer and Aly Larsen said...

hey girlie! you can add me to your list now! Hey you need to come over again soon. My ward is having an activity night on Nov. 7 and I want for you and Jessie to come over and make something with me. Have a good one!

Annie said...

Cammi, you are awesome! I loved watching you at the soccer game. Looking forward to more games next year or whenever you have them. It's great to see that you are no longer running like a "girl". Just teasing. I love you! Keep up the fun personality!

Lisa Miller said...

Hi Cammi. I didn't know you have a blog now. I like this post all about you. Didn't know you were in a band either. I'm excited to read and keep up with your life. Love you