Monday, February 9, 2009

these are some PRETTY DANG HOT pictures of me haha. If you can't tell (not that hard) i love thaking pictures of myself. i always think i look good SIZZLE! haha except one thing........ my horrible crooked teeth...... EWWWWWW but thats only in the first picture (top) the bottom one is the best! haha i like my hair haha. just kidding but i think i look good heeheehee! OH MY COW! i was wearing this same shirt today at school! COOL! its one of my favorite shirts. i got it from jessie for christmas. its awesome and it has cool letters on it! i got satifed very easily. if i got a pencil i would like go crazy and like thank the person a lot for it haha. im weird like that.. BURN! no one is as cool,weird,or uhhhhh funny like me! HA


Annie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cam, you are just sooooo funny. I love you the way you are. You are a beautiful girl. You have a great smile! Straight teeth don't make people beautiful. It's what's inside that counts. Looking forward to seeing you soon. I love you!

Lexie said...

Hey it's me Alexis your long lost friend. I am an official blogger. Kinda??? Check me out!