Saturday, May 30, 2009


so today was the temple celebration! it was amazing! i had ssssssssooooooooooooo much fun! i couldn't believe how much fun it was! i got to perform in front of the prophet! it so sad though because i felt the spirit so strongly and when we left i just felt like crying. im sad it ended i wish today could of lasted forever!

so we did the 50s' dance! we had a red and a blue car come out in the beggining and when they did EVERY ONE screamed soooo loudly! it was the loudest screaming all night! it was awesome!

i was a car hop! i wore rollerskates (on stage!) a pink skirt, pink button up shirt, a pink and white striped apron, and a hat! it was the best experiance! i was on the camera for a lot of times (can i blame them? the camera loves me!!!! jk lol no but really it loves me hehe! (: )

i wish i could go back in time! also happy birthday to my friend and my band teacher today!
also please pray for my friend who has cancer!

luckily she got to come to the performance but please help pray for her! thank you!


Annie said...

well, what an awesome experience. I'm glad you wrote down your feelings. How exciting this night must have been! Oh yeah, Cammi...the cameras love you! What a super girl you are! love you!

Soccer sweetie 421 said...

thank you!!!! haha (: