Thursday, July 9, 2009

hello!!! i haven't been on in a while!! wow! haha so i have been good! soccer has been going really well! i am advancing in soccer WAY more ths year! which is so good!
my cuz came to stay with us for a while.
I WENT TO OAKREST CAMP!! it was so so so much fun!!!! my councler was ittybitty! she was awesome! we got to go o a mud slide!! it was a blast!! then we went on a lot of hikes! then when we were eating we were aloud to stand on the tables and say funny things oh my it was a ton of fun!! and every week there is a different thing they do.. so like our week was MONSTERS V.S. ALIENS!! i was a monster! it was awesome! while we were there we got to play games and stuff. so we did a monsters v.s aliens activities! we did monster snot... (it was jello, flour, and water) and we got water guns full of the stuff and shot it at our counclers!! it was so much fun! heh heh heh! then we played a game with a frizbee (was like capture the flag except you used a frizbee)
then we played a game called whats under your bed... (its like lovers leap) and then we played kick ball... MONSTERS WON WAHOO!!!!
oakcrest was a lot of fun! i met so many people! i have so many friends from there lol!

now my sisters friend is going to come up for 2 and a half weeks! how fun!

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