Sunday, November 8, 2009


okay so i tried out for our school play and i don't get call backs and i don't get on the cast I AM STUPID TECH CREW!!! this makes me super angry because it took all my guts to get up in front of those teachers to sing!!! they should of at least put me in chorus!!! oh well and i asked if people from tech crew could try out to be in the curcus mcgurkus and she said "no" UGH I HATE MY SCHOOL!!!

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Annie said...

Hey...don't let this get you down. You're pretty awesome, if I should say so myself. You take after some pretty talented people and we know your strengths. You have a terrific sense of humor (heh-heh-heh) and you ARE a beautiful girl. Crew tech is ok. You're growing and learning in another area of the arts. (I still prefer sports, though) love you!