Saturday, January 16, 2010

welcome 2010!!

okay so i know i havent been keeping up lately so, lets start with how my hawaii trip went ;) i had SO much fun!! i miss it so much! their shave ice.... GENIOUS!! and they made them really big and haha (go figure) i got pineapple coconut every time i got one :) the fruit there was AMAZING! it is the best stuff in the entire world!! my favorites would have to be the star fruit and the rambutans! mmmmmm and the apple bananas! oh goodness i want to go back! the best place we went was the polynesian culture center!! we walked around, and we saw " HA breath of life!!" i am so going to byu hawaii! that way i can work at the polynesian culture center!!
SO, soccer has been going great!! i went to my first practice of the new year on thursday!! wihle we were practicing i could of sworn i saw the boy i used to like, then he ran around again and... IT WAS HIM! then he went to play basketball and i saw him again and he was looking through the window! oh my goodness it was the best! then yesterday for soccer we did yoga!! (its for our winter training) and man did it hurt!! happily i could touch my toes but right now... i am just sore!!
good times goooooood times

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